Eyebrow Transplant

Full looking healthy eyebrows have become the “in thing” the last couple of years. The over plucking days have gone!  Tattooing can help with thinning brows but some people just want that natural brow look.

At the Edinburgh Hair Clinic, Dr Nestor now offers the latest way to address eyebrow loss. Using the FUT Hair Transplantation method we can now address those thinning brows.

What is it?
Eyebrow transplant surgery involves harvesting healthy hair from one part of the body (called the donor site) this is normally at the back of the head, and transplanting them to the brow area, one follicle at a time to achieve natural looking brows. At your consultation Dr Nestor will assess if the treatment is appropriate for you and give you a advise what results you can expect.

Why would I want Eyebrow Transplantation?
Other methods of making eyebrows appear fuller are tattooing or makeup, some people want a natural, longer lasting solution to correct the problem rather than mask it. This is where Brow transplantation steps into its own. As the procedure takes hair directly from your head this means the hairs are permanent and natural.


Are You A Candidate?
Most people are suitable for Eyebrow Transplantation but generally the best candidates are patients who have lost their eyebrow hair as a result of genetics, overplucking, or trauma.

The Procedure
The procedure is virtually painless takes around 4 hours and 5-7 days to fully recover. Anywhere from 50 to 400 grafts are taken for each eyebrow, where each graft contains 1-2 hairs.

On the day, you and Dr Nestor will map out the brow shape and size that is appropriate to your face and your wants.
Local Anaesthetic is then given, meaning there is essentially no discomfort throughout the procedure.
The grafts are then taken from the back of the head using the FUT technique, individually separated and each hair follicle is then placed into the brow area to give that defined, fuller look.

At the 2-3 week mark the transplanted hair will fall out (as this is dead). The follicle at this point will start to grow thicker, more dense hair. This will continue for 6-8 months. When the new hair has grown you will then maintain your brow shape as you would normally care for eyebrows, however will require to trim the length to your preference.

Dr Nestor will see you twice in your first month following treatment and then monthly for the first 6 months.