Why Hair Loss Happens

Up to 50% of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss by the time they reach 50. And for many, hair loss will occur far earlier whilst they are in their 20s, 30s or even late teens.

The main cause for 95% men experiencing a thinning scalp is Androgenic Alopecia – more commonly referred to as Male Pattern Baldness. The hereditary condition occurs when a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes certain follicles to shrink and produce abnormal hair with a shorter life.

In Male Pattern Baldness, the first area patients typically see hair loss in is the crown, followed by thinning around the hairline and temples, before the mid-anterior scalp is affected.


However, patients all have different experiences of the condition and some may see varying patterns depending on their case. Other causes of hair loss in men include stress, disease, and physical reactions to medication, though your case is individual to you. Hair loss is always about much more than a receding hair line. It can deeply affect an individual’s confidence and self esteem, and this can now be addressed.

In women, genetics plays a role, however there may be underlying pathology. All women who attend are sent for tests or referred to a dermatologist to diagnose or exclude any underlying condition before planning for a hair transplant procedure.